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Twitter is a way for individuals and organisations to give brief real time updates to their 'followers', sharing their latest news and images. Our official school twitter feed (@HolyRood) can be found by clicking here.

What our pupils say...

It's good to be able to see what people have been up to and is a great way to get news really quickly and keep up to date with what is happening. It saves your phone bill as you can communicate with friends for free. Be careful who you follow though, as they may not always be who you think they are. Try following only people that you know.

What we say...

It can be quite exhausting keeping a twitter feed up to date! Do you want your child to feel the need to constantly inform people of what they are doing and when? We need to ensure that children understand that they are entitled to keep things private. We certainly agree with our pupils when they say that people on twitter are not always who they seem - you would be surprised at the amount of times @HolyRood is mentioned in tweets directed at the Scottish Parliament - little do they know we are actually a primary school in Watford!

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