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Mobile Phones

We are finding increasingly that our older pupils in school have access to their own mobile phone. Where this is not the case, more often than not they are able to access mobile technology through the phones of older siblings, parents or other friends.

What we say...

It is up to individual parents to decide when they feel that their child is mature enough and responsible enough to handle the responsibilities, possible consequences and temptations that come from having a mobile phone. If your child has a modern 'smart-phone' then they have access to the whole world at their fingertips - good and bad.

We do not allow children to bring mobile phones with them to school. Any that we do find will be confiscated for the remainder of the day. Children in Year 6 who are allowed to walk home by themselves may have a mobile phone with them if their parents and the headteacher have both signed the school's mobile phone consent form. This phone is expected to be switched off and inside the child's locker during the school day. Any phones brought into school are done so at their owner's risk.

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