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Outdoor learning opportunities using our forest

We are very blessed at Holy Rood School to have a huge woodland area on our school site. The woodland, which is secured by a perimeter fence, is available to all children as a means to support their learning and play.

Highlights from 2023-2024

This year our children have enjoyed spending time in our forest in all seasons! The activities the children have had the opportunity to:

* Carry out a litter pick

* Mini Beast Hunt 

* Treasure Hunts

* Den building 

* Team building activities 

* Art - bark rubbing 

* Nature Hunt

* Nature Art

Take a look!

Barked Area ...

One feature of our woodland is our wonderful ‘Barked area’. This area is predominantly used by our EYFS and Year 1 pupils.

It enables pupils to develop:

* Gross motor skills

* Fine motor skills

* Communication and language skills

* Problem solving skills

* Imaginative play

Supporting the Science curriculum and understanding of the world around us ... 

The woodland area is fantastic for supporting our pupils to learn more about the world around us and as a tool to develop their scientific understanding of animals, habitats and living things.

 Art ... 

The wonderful woodland also offers excellent opportunity to have Art lesson outdoors and use natural materials to create beautiful masterpieces and artistic creations. 

Team Building ...

Through Woodland sessions, children are able to develop their team building skills. This is done through orienteering activities, den building and much more! 

Story Telling ...

Our woodland also has a beautiful story telling area.

Wider curriculum opportunities ...

Our children also get to experience wider curriculum opportunities in our woodland such as a visit from Rusty the search and rescue dog. Rusty works for the Essex Search and Rescue team and his handler showed all the children Rusty in action! Members of staff hid in the wood and Rusty had no problem finding each and every one of them making sure they got back to work and didn’t remain in hiding for the rest of the day!