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Our Parishes

Holy Rood

"Holy Rood Church, the presbytery and the school attached to it were built and paid for by Mr Stephen Taprell Holland who was one of the partners in the building firm Winslow and Holland.

He was not born into a catholic family but was a convert. In thanksgiving he wanted to build a church and with the Cardinal's approval selected a site in the middle of Watford.

John Francis Bentley, also coincidentally a convert, was asked by Holland to design his church. By 1889 Bentley had planned Holy Rood Church and worked on it for twelve years.

Described as one of the loveliest churches of the Victorian period it illustrates Bentley's skill in the design of painting, stained glass, woodwork and metalwork."

The Church was consecrated on 5th July 1900.

The Feast day of the Exaltation of the Cross is September 14th.

(Ref: Church of the Holy Rood, Watford - Bennet & Wright 1989)


Address - Holy Rood Catholic Church
Holy Rood House, Exchange Road, Watford, WD18 0PJ

Parish Priest - Fr. Gerard O'Brien

Assistant Priest- Fr Alexander Balzanella

Deacon - Rev. Neville Dyckhoff


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Saint Helen's

"In 1925 a temporary wooden church was built as a Chapel of Ease to serve the growing population of North Watford. In 1931 St Helen's became a separate parish and plans were made for a church and presbytery.

Mass was first celebrated in the new church of St Helen's on 3rd December 1935.

However, as funds were scarce, parts of St Helen's Church were left in a temporary state for completion when adequate finance was available.

In 1991 the St Helen's Completion Fund was set up and in 1996 the Church was finally completed."

The Feast day of St Helen is August 18th.

(Ref: The Church of St Helen - Diamond Jubilee 1931-91)


Parish Priest - Fr. Voytek Przyjalkowski

Deacon - Rev. Liam Lynch 

Address - St Helen's Catholic Church
The Harebreaks, Watford, WD24 6NJ

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