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GSO Test

GSO Test

IOW -Day Two

Take 2 - lost the first draft

Sorry for the late post but we have had a very busy and exciting day

We had a very early start to our day as everyone awoke with the sunshine.  We have a competition for the best bunk room ( Haribo at stake)  so there was a room inspection at 0800 hours. We'll done to room 7 girls for best room so far and Adrian for his immaculate bed making skills - hotel worthy. 

Breakfast is at 8:30 and was a lovely cooked breakfast. 

Then up to rooms to get ready and off to rock pooling where we found a huge range of sealife. Then we split and played a game or went to Bonchurch church which was built in 1070. The leader was impressed with our 1066 knowledge. He nearly got a production song as well. 

Lunch was a nice packed lunch and a bit of free time. 

Then onto afternoon activities which were things like: orienteering; map reading; team building exercises based round pirates and den building. Our dens had to withstand Hurricane Perry ( named after our leader) which meant a soaking from a water squirter. Mrs Hodgkinson was keen to get involved with that one. Many laughs and fun. Group C went over an above to save their dens and took the water fire themselves. Brave. 

After activities we had free time and a swim. We started getting our pocket money and went to the tuck shop here. 

Dinner was amazing. Meatballs or chicken in tomato with garlic bread. 

After dinner we had our evening activity which was an interactive quiz. We had to answer a question by running to A, B or C at the end of the court. We won tokens for right answers. Then we had an egg dropping competitionme with our tokens we could by resources to protect it.  Then we dropped them out of the Room 3 window. Luckily most made it and toe even made a second drop. 

All quite tired, we were quickly asleep. 

Having a great time

Year 6 

(Apologies for the lack of photos but am having technical difficulties. Lost this whole news once already. Keep you updated when possible - Miss McNeill)